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Parent/Player Meeting

Parent/Player meeting will be held at 6:30 on March 28th at the South Campus Cafeteria.  At this meeting all chocolate bars will be handed out, information about the season will be available and you will meet your coaches.


Any questions please contact Michele Johnson at

Summer 2019 Teams

When looking at your team page please make sure you select Summer 2019 as the season.

12U Black

Isabella Barthol
Isabel Celski
Olivia Erickson
Carlie Griffin
Baylee Haines
Addison Hemquist
Lily Howard
Grace Laszlo
Cara McMonigal
Amanda Meyers
Allie Moxness
Madelyn Pearson

12U Orange

Ari Baskfield Reiter
Ashlei Berthiaume
Addison Capocasa
Aubree Degel
Scarlett Ellison
Tallulah Hare
Sophia Holtz
Kinzie Kubas
Zosia Miller
Freya Sanders
Cora Wahl
10U Black
Lilian Anderson
Elaina Hosfield
Addison Kinley
Peyton Kotaska
Isabelle Meiers
Taylor Mohawk
Sophia Munson
Alayna Peterson
Elli Petronack
Georgia Wickland
Regan Zimski
Head Coach-Justin Hosfield

10U Orange

Avery Anderson
Brooklyn Autrey
Emma Bjornson
Ruby Brown
Kendall Cochran
Chelsea Hall
Natalie Jones
Luciana Lombardi
Kylie Mahmood
Kate Mersch
Lauren Simmons


10U White

Irene Bakke
Julia Bakke
Sydney Beissler
Payton Cepeda
Fiona Lessard
Lilly Oswald
Leila Otto
Brooke Rooney
Natalie Steffensmeier
Adelyn Sutherland
Alana Wilder
Head Coach Julie Steffensmeier
8U Black
Annabel Glendenning
Trinity McKee
Makayla John
Evalyn Fyksen
Livia Fyksen
Elysia Evans
Sage Piehl
Ruby Griebel
Lilah Evans
Sophia Moch
Alexandra Meiers
Makenzie Lohmann
Head Coach: Nick Glendenning
8U Orange
Ellie Richie
Grace Berg
Adalynn Lohmann
Avani Lohmann
Keira Connors
Peyton Rivard
Madeline McMillen
Jessica Roettger
Piper Sutherland
Leighton Johnston
Adelynn Kennedy
Head Coach: Michelle Richie
8U White
Alice Fordham
Ellla Lacktorin
Hayden Anderson
Kaylin Lacktorin
Reave Meyer
Ramey Leibel
Kathryn Fordham
Ellery Halverson
Ashlan Sampson
Morgan Pearson
Nathali Schneeemann
Head Coach: Gary Meyer

Summer 2019 Registration

Summer 2019 Registration will be open until March 26 for 8U.


If you are interested in 10U please contact Michele Johnson via email.




2019 Tri County/USA Softball Dates

Date Description Location
June 28-30 10U Qualifier Tournament TBD
June 28-30 12U Qualifier Tournament TBD
July 12-14 14U Qualifier Tournament TBD
July 12-14 16U Qualifier Tournament TBD
July 12-14 10U/12U State Tournament TBD
July 20-21 14U/18U State Tournament TBD
July 20-21 16U State Tournament TBD
July 25-28 Nationals TBD
Thank you to the Jr Twins Program

Thank you to the Jr Twins Program for the Grant to our association